10 November 2006

Two groups that make a difference: ONE and DATA

Charities have always been cause for suspect. While there's something noble about altruism, most charities or activist groups tend to rub me the wrong way. Usually it's due to self-righteous pontificating from the leaders of a particular group that turn me off to supporting various causes.


There is a cause in which I strongly believe. The DATA group is an organization dedicated to improving the situation on the African continent through economic, rather than "charitable" means. Essentially, this group favors eliminating poverty through global trade. Rather than throwing money into a black hole under the guise of "helping," DATA prefers to influence policy to promote a free-market escape from the chains of AIDS, poverty and oppression. I would encourage everyone to read more about DATA and sign on to support their efforts.

The ONE campaign is a sister organization that is not about donating money, but about donating a voice. This non-partisan group is dedicated to ending poverty by working with governments and influencing rather than simply screaming to the masses as many advocacy groups unsuccessfully do.

What is ONE?

ONE is a new effort by Americans to rally Americans – ONE by ONE – to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. ONE is students and ministers, punk rockers and NASCAR moms, Americans of all beliefs and every walk of life, united as ONE to help make poverty history. ONE believes that allocating an additional ONE percent of the U.S. budget toward providing basic needs like health, education, clean water and food would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the world's poorest countries. ONE also calls for debt cancellation, trade reform and anti–corruption measures in a comprehensive package to help Africa and the poorest nations beat AIDS and extreme poverty.

Here's a video:

Now go do something. Add your name to the ONE declaration.


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